Engineering Asset Management

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Let DEKRA be your partner for sustainable management of your technical assets!

Heavy mechanical equipment is often subject to degradation. It is important to have control in every phase of the products life cycle, from procurement and design to operation and maintenance. Extension of life as an alternative to new acquisitions offers very great savings potential. Real and concrete sustainability for facilities, infrastructure, rail vehicles, machinery and other high-value equipment. DEKRA's specialists offer services in a number of areas that give owners / customers the insight and knowledge needed to have the best possible control and make the right decisions with regard to safety, function and costs. The methods are based on the standard series ISO 55000, which provides the foundations for modern asset management.


DEKRA has cutting-edge expertise in, for example:
• Strength, mechanics and vibrations
• Mathematical modeling of degradation
• Calculation technology
• Materials, corrosion and welding
• Digitized monitoring and measurement technology
• Strategies for the management of heavy mechanical equipment.
• Non-destructive testing (OFP)
• Machine safety


DEKRA offers:
• Support for procurement
• Analysis of the condition and status of your equipment
• Causal investigation of injuries and action programs
• Life extension program
• Programs for structured, sustainable, cost-effective lifetime management
• Development and optimization of control plans
• Technical service life monitoring
• Transparency of strategy and needs for technical asset management
• Cost analysis
• Training in technical asset management based on ISO55000

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Magnus Dahlberg

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