Drone Inspection

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DEKRA does inspections with drones in dangerous and inaccessible work environments

Avoid long downtime with cost-effective and time-efficient visual inspections

Safety is DEKRA's key word and drones are used to create safety in dangerous work environments where the drone can reach places or areas that are not otherwise accessible. With the drone, DEKRA can offer cost- and time-efficient visual inspections both externally and internally where scaffolding and long downtime can be avoided. The results from the inspection can be quickly analyzed and assessed by DEKRA's experts and the material is documented based on our customers' wishes.

The drone model for internal inspection is called Elios 2 and has a protective cage in carbon fiber that allows it to get very close to the surface without damaging the object. It's stabilization system enables maneuvering in cramped and inaccessible spaces and it has a powerful and intelligent lighting system that allows flying in dark and low-light spaces. The drone is equipped with a 4K camera that provides very good reporting in the form of high-quality film and image material as well as a thermal camera that enables detection of e.g. leakage and temperature differences.

DEKRA has successfully used the drone with customers in, for example, cisterns, chimneys and pressure vessels as well as for 3D measurement of objects and details.

DEKRA also offers drone control during external inspection and today has a number of drones for assignments such as external inspection of roofs, buildings, chimneys, facades, cranes etc.



  • Fast and secure access

  • No cost for scaffolding or crane

  • Downtime can be minimized

  • Picture and film can be viewed and saved




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Jens Nyberg

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