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Railways and sustainability

Just like all mechanical equipment, the railway's high-value components are also exposed to various forms of degradation. Without control of degradation, it is impossible to predict what is needed to achieve the desired service life. The risk is that problems that may arise must be handled through costly and unplanned efforts with negative consequences for both operations and other prioritized needs. With the right analysis of degradation, control is instead given over the entire life cycle. In addition, life extension with considerable potential to save costs becomes a real option. All in all, it is about concrete and measurable both technical and financial sustainability. 

In Sweden, DEKRA provides consulting services within railways from the Engineering Asset Management section. We are constantly growing both in the number of employees and with new skills. Through DEKRA international, we can also offer a complete range of services within railways. Both consulting services and advice as well as approval processes that require accreditation.


Consulting services

Our consulting services are mainly focused on life management and life extension. We provide a number of qualified services that allow the customer to have control over the entire lifespan. Fatigue, corrosion, erosion and abrasion are the degradation mechanisms that limit the life of high-value components, from wheels, gearboxes to bogies and wagon bodies. Our tools consist of actual inspections, physical models and analysis of large data sets. This enables us to provide the best possible basis for decision-making and support for the customer's operational activities. Through projects and not least DEKRA's internationally extensive operations in the railway area, we have a good understanding of the practical conditions for operating rail traffic.


Some of our services:

  • Load analysis: Through an intelligent combination of vehicle dynamics and measurements, we produce a load description that represents real conditions as well as possible.

  • Strength analysis: We offer comprehensive services in vibration, stress calculation, FE analysis, fatigue, fracture mechanics, vibration, etc.

  • Life extension: Through our expertise in load analysis, calculation and non-destructive testing, we develop programs that ensure optimal life and provide the vehicle owner with major cost savings.

  • Procurement support: Making sure already at the time of procurement that a vehicle really achieves the desired and expected lifespan without unforeseen problems is of the utmost importance. We have the knowledge and experience to help customers set adequate requirements and carry out verification to minimize lifetime risks.

  • Damage investigation: Has something broken? We carry out an investigation, establish causes and develop measures.

  • Data analysis: Statistical analysis of large data sets. Accumulating large amounts of data is easy. Making a useful analysis is more difficult. We have the knowledge to analyze data in a systematic way with a focus on achieving better management.

  • Other specialist services:

    • Squealing and grinding of wheels. Our vehicle dynamics specialists optimize the configuration to minimize both annoying screeching noises and excessive wear issues.

    • Analysis and evaluation of components in polymeric materials, e.g. bushings and transition materials.

    • Abrasion and fatigue are forms of degradation that affect gearboxes and engines. Our experts analyze oil and lubricants from equipment to assess condition and make suggestions for life-enhancing measures.

    • Advice regarding welding, materials, corrosion and surface protection.


Thanks to DEKRA's international operations, we can also offer services in many other railway-related areas, e.g. electrical engineering, ERTMS, EMC, etc.


Approval processes

We are also able to assist clients with approval processes.

  • Independent reviewer (ISA) for EN-50126 & EN-50129. DEKRA has employees approved as ISA by both the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration (SL).

  • Assessing Body (ASBO) for the Common Safety Methodology for Risk Assessment (CSM-RA). In the projects we do not act as ASBO, DEKRA assists with managing the process, risk analyzes and moderation.

  • RAMS, DEKRA manages your RAMS process according to EN-50126.

  • IRIS accreditation for the certification of manufacturers and maintenance workshops.

  • Quality such as audits and verification e.g. maintenance and manufacturing processes.

  • Inspection of Heavy Tracked Work Equipment (TSA) initial inspection and control inspection of all types of heavy tracked work equipment.

  • Training, clarify opportunities and considerations you need to make in projects working with Notified Body or Assessing Unit (CMS-RA).


Contact person

Magnus Dahlberg

+46 (0)10 - 455 1486