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The railroad consists of many systems

Communications are essential

It's not enough with a system that's safe. Safety must also be possible to guarantee when the system interacts with other systems. According to Swedish railroad legislation, inspections of subsystems and assessments of compliance must be performed by a body that has been registered for this purpose in accordance with the law regulating accreditation and technical inspections. DEKRA has been designated in The Netherlands as a notified body and assessment body for railway TSI certification and CSM safety assessments.

“Our DEKRA Rail unit is constantly growing, both when it comes to staff as well as to new fields of expertise,” says Jörgen Nyberg, manager for Rail. “We have many years of experience from third-party inspections and well-established routines. We’re a trusted collaborative partner.”

Notified bodies are independent organizations with the expertise to support and monitor manufacturers’ work with verifying that the products that are released to the market fulfill the regulations that apply within the EU. This is accomplished through testing, inspection and certification in accordance with EU legislation.
Source: SWEDAC, Swedish government agency for accreditation and technical inspections

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