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Prerequisites for safety

Right resources for development and staffing projects

For inspections in the nuclear power industry, it isn’t enough to know what must be inspected, it’s also essential to be able to prove that the inspections are correct and appropriate. As the first test lab in the world, DEKRA has developed an advanced system for non-destructive testing of stainless steel welded joints with full testing from just one side of the joint.

“We have lengthy experience from nuclear power and good collaboration with our customers, which enables us to efficiently produce the right technology for the existing applications,” says Ted Hallqvist, manager of the Nuclear business area. “We are also one of the leading companies in advanced mechanized testing and have in-house development resources. Our customers appreciate that we can adapt equipment, expertise and staffing to their needs.”

• A complete system for testing of nozzles and vessel welds for both PWR and BWR reactors
• Several systems for internals and piping
• Developed several testing systems for mechanized ET, UT, PT, MT and VT
• Developed general advanced procedures for general applications (UT-01, MT-01, PT-01 and TJ-01)
• Many operators with strong skills in detection, characterization and sizing of defects 

DEKRA is accredited as a test lab in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. The accreditation statement verifies that DEKRA fulfills the requirements for impartiality and expertise per the directives of the Swedish Work Environment Authority and the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.


Automated & Mechanized Testing
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