Lifting Device Inspection

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Taking the elevator has to be safe

Periodic accredited inspection

For those of you unfamiliar with the term accreditation, in Sweden it is a form of authorization issued by the government agency SWEDAC. Being accredited is a requirement for inspecting lifting devices.
DEKRA performs 100,000 lifting device inspections each year! The inspections encompass everything from the world's largest pendulum ride Eclipse to elevators and cranes.

“The construction industry engages us because we can provide a unique service that actually helps them to both save and make money,” says Jonas Lindahl, technology manager for Lift Services.

Lifting Device Inspection Services:
● Elevators, Gates & Escalators
● Cranes & Lifting Equipment
● Mobile Cranes & Construction Machinery
● Attractions
● Wind power
● Vehicle workshops

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Tomas Kolkind

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