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9/3 - 2020

DEKRA Crane Monitoring System IoT

During the fall and in the beginning of this year, there has been an intensive development going on with our CMS – Crane Monitoring System. A system keeping track of the crane usage and based on this usage projecting the end of service life. The system fulfils the requirements from the authority in terms of logging and knowing the status of the crane in terms of life. However, the main advantage of the system is the possibility to use different safety factors and having a high-resolution user log which often makes it possible to use the crane longer than with conventional life estimation techniques.


DEKRA has as of Wednesday last week, the first customer-based CMS pilot system in place in Örebro. 

This marks the start of our plan to have a handful customer-based pilot systems in place before summer.

The first installation went great. The system is up and running and is our first joint venture in this field. Our customer has been very forthcoming in terms of helping out with personnel at the installation and is an interested customer already having ideas for implementation of extra services to the system – great!

Following this installation will be installations in Stockholm Högdalen, Stockholm Hagalund and yet another installation in Örebro.


Congratulations to the developing team on a really cool product and we hope to see you soon as a partner with our systems!