Inspection of Motor Vehicles and Tractors

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Excavator loaders or backhoe loaders, loaders or wheeled loaders

A beloved child has many names

Whatever the motor vehicles are called or wherever they are going to be used, they must all be safe. DEKRA is accredited for inspecting all types of plant equipment, agricultural machinery and forestry machinery. For those of you unfamiliar with the term accreditation, in Sweden it is a form of authorisation issued by the government agency SWEDAC. Being accredited is a requirement for inspecting motor vehicles, among other types of equipment..

“Those of us who carry out these inspections love machinery and so do almost all of our customers as well. Usually everything we check is in very good condition and on the few occasions we do find something wrong the news is received with thanks. Everyone wants their equipment to be safe, don’t they?” says Anders Lindahl, method manager at DEKRA.



Our services include:

  • Periodic inspections of excavators

  • Fire protection inspections under Swedish regulation SBF 127 *

  • Tail lifts

  • Height adjustable cabs

  • Registration inspections

  • Motor vehicle inspection testing

  • Suitability testing

  • Periodic inspections of cranes

  • Testing and inspections of lifting forks and lifting equipment

  • Periodic inspections of personnel lifting equipment

  • IBC – Intermediate bulk container tanks

  • ADR


Our inspection services cover:

  • Mobile cranes

  • Excavators

  • Excavator loaders/backhoe loaders

  • Loaders/wheeled loaders

  • Telescopic forklift trucks/telescopic loaders

  • Road graders

  • Road sweepers

  • Dumpers

  • Forwarders

  • Tractors (all classes)

  • Lifting platforms

  • Concrete pumps

  • Off-road vehicles

  • Trailers for tractors, motor vehicles and off-road vehicles

  • Vehicle-mounted cranes (lorry loaders)


DEKRA also carries out motor vehicle inspection testing and registration inspections of passenger cars and lorries; for more info and to book, go to: